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Feel for craftsmanship

We took a trip to Rosendal and saw the Bookbinders Designs products come to life in amazing environments.

At Rosendal's Gardens, one is passionate about real food and works only with the best raw materials from KRAV farms and organic farming. For Christopher Beskow, the jump from award-winning designer to restaurant manager at the Garden Café, wasn't long. "It's all in the details", Christopher claims.

Where such a sense of craftsmanship and detail is found, notebooks from Bookbinders Design quickly find a home. With Swedish-made 100 grams of cloth bound paper, they are ready to preserve recipe ideas, table placements or greetings from visitors. Each thing has its place, its color and its purpose. The mark ribbon helps to find the right way.

Rosendal's Garden and Garden Café are located at Rosendalsvägen 38, Djurgården, Stockholm. They are open all year except January.

Photo: Mikael Olsson

"It's all in the details", says Christopher Beskow
Stylish writing books with cover of the finest book binder cloth and mirrors in the colors of the rainbow. Linen threaded inset made of matte white, Swedish-made paper with practical marking ribbon in silk. Choose from our many colors and fabrics. With or without embossing or why not put your make your own?
Notebook Light grey
170x200 mm
Notebook Green
170x200 mm
Notebook Turquoise
170x200 mm
Notebook Emerald
170x200 mm
Box A5 green

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