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Bound for life!

See how our sewn notebooks are made.

Bookbinders Design works with several different types of binding for our books, pads and booklets. Textile thread stitched, office book stitched or stitched, in all these types of bindings you work with folded sheets to have a crease to clamp or sew in when you are going to attach the sheets to the inserts.

In the video you can see how we do when we work with sewn binding. A print sheet with, for example, 16 pages, is cut down to 4 four-sided sheets. The sheets are laid flat and sewn with a sewing machine straight through what becomes the center fold. The folding is then done in the perforation that occurred in the seam. You can choose to sew the insert directly into the cover or to hang the sewn in with a cover.


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