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Hanna Wendelbo

Bookbinders Design, inspired by her well-known wallpaper collection Apelviken.

That Bookbinders Design chose to cooperate with Hanna was no coincidence, over the years they have met each other during several fairs and also share mutual contacts - We fell for Hanna's beautiful patterned wallpaper and think that they fit well with our products, says Johan Frestadius Bookbinders Design.

When Hanna was asked about the collaboration with Bookbinders Design, she was attracted by the fine products - It is a company with fantastic high quality. I have long had a dream of creating my own notebooks with my designs, where I can preserve my thoughts and ideas. The collaboration felt obvious, says Hanna.

More about Hanna:
During the year, several collaborations from Bookbinders Design will be presented. Stay tuned!

Piona & Tulipa

Notepad A4 "Piona"
A4, Blank sheets
Notepad A4 "Tulipa"
A4 Dotted sheets
Notepad 170x200 "Tulipa"
170x200 Dotted sheets
Notepad A6+ "Tulipa"
a6+ Dotted sheets
Folded card "Piona" Blue 148x148

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