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Home Decor

Keep your memories safe!

Some things deserve better than drawers and cardboard boxes.

The first tiny socks or shoes. Baby memrobelia such as a lock of hair or the first pacifier. Some things deserves to be stored with style! We have expanded our range of exclusive boxes and grouped them under the article group "Wardrobe". Hand made boxes with our without lid in somber colours. Off course acid-free for long term and safe keepings. A beautiful spot of colour in the book shelf, the wardrobe or the night stand.

For your jewels!

"More is more and less is a bore" -Iris Apfel

Some would argue that the best thing would be to wear all the jewels all the time but in reality, both you and them need to rest. You might want to keep your favourites close, at the night stand while the others gets sorted by outfit in the wardrobe. We are happy to once again be able to offer our "small" jewel box! For this run we have updated the design by covering the bottom with cloth as well. All for a more exclusive feeling!

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