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Bookbinders Design proudly presents a charming collection in collaboration with Swedish illustrator Kajsa Hagelin. With her beautiful, hand-painted watercolour motifs, she has put her unique touch to a selection of Bookbinders classics. Discover a summery collection of cards, notebooks and notepads in a limited edition. Read more!


Kajsa Hagelin, born 1989, is a Swedish freelance illustrator, creator and designer. Her creativity and interest in colour and form was already expressed as a child when she would often sit at her mother's sewing machine or take on carpentry projects in the garage. Painting was an early interest that was revived after high school when she took a one-year course in fashion design. The course provided her with a foundation in painting, but beyond that she is self-taught and has been experimenting her way into her own artistic expression.

Kajsa Hagelin likes to explore different ways of creating. She is keen not to place her art in a specific genre, and works according to the motto of "painting what whe feels like painting". Her work is very much influenced by what she sees around her in the moment. A recurring theme is flowers, nature and people. Everything is painted by hand, from sketch to finished result.

She describes how she in her working process strives to truly "see" the objects she depicts:

"Seeing what something really looks like takes a while. To observe a flower, for example, and dig into all the colour shifts, shadows and folds, to the how "unperfect" they usually are, and yet so beautiful. That's what I always aim to bring out in my paintings."

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