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Bookbinders Design and sustainability

Bookbinders Design and sustainability.
For us at Bookbinders Design, sustainability is the foundation of everything we do, as we believe in fewer, better products of timeless design. With our heritage in the craft of bookbinding, our goal is to always create products of such good and high quality that they have a long life. That is thoughtful consumption, for us.
We take great pride in our self-designed, classy, ​​functional products for the home, desk and office. They can be used, worn and loved, year after year.
We manufacture our products in the most responsible way we can. We use Swedish quality paper in our books. The absolute majority of our production takes place in Europe, with our carefully selected partners that we know well and visit regularly.

More about our products.
The Swedish quality paper we use in our books is manufactured at Lessebo mill and is one of the world's most environmentally friendly and climate-smart papers. It is made of wood-free, chlorine-free pulp and is neutral-glued. Of course, it is age-resistant, acid-free, recyclable, certified and Svanen-labeled.

In our sewn notebooks we use a high quality Portuguese paper. Of course, it is age-resistant, acid-free, recyclable and certified.

Our photo papers are either manufactured in Sweden or Italy. It is age-proof, acid-free, recyclable and certified.

The carton in our boxes, books and albums is of high quality and energy-efficient and environmentally friendly in the Netherlands made of 100% recycled material. It is acid-free, recyclable and certified. The colored paper on the outside and in our boxes and in the mirrors of the notebooks is recyclable and certified.

Our selected cloths are made in Europe. Our best-selling fabric is made of 100% cotton with wax coating. Other fabrics are 100% rayon with acid-free paper backing.

We have a limited range of plastic products. Our plastic pockets are made of phthalate-free PVC.

In our booklets with leather covers and desk pads, we use recycled leather made with leftover spills from tanneries. For our other leather products we use an Italian nappa leather which is chrome tanned. Manufacturers, of course, follow EU rules and guidelines (REACH) in their production.

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