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Frequently asked questions

What shipping options do you offer?
Within the EU, we offer delivery to collection points via DB Schenker and home delivery via Budbee to selected areas. You can also choose to pick up your order in store. Orders outside the EU are shipped via FedEx. Please note that you should not choose delivery via Budbee if you are a corporate customer and wish to receive your delivery during normal office hours, as they only deliver between 5:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

What is the expected delivery time?
We will send your package within 1–2 business days. In addition, there is a delivery time depending on the chosen delivery method. During holidays and popular campaigns, the delivery time may be slightly longer than usual. Internationally, the expected delivery time is between 6–8 days.

I have chosen to pick up my order in the store and have received a delivery confirmation. Does this mean that it is ready to be picked up?
Yes! As soon as you have received a delivery confirmation from us, your order is ready for pickup.

Why is the tracking information for my package not being updated?
If you have ordered to an EU country, you will first receive an e-mail with tracking information from Schenker. Once the package leaves Sweden, it will be handed over to GLS, and you can continue to track the shipment through them. Go to and search for your parcel using the tracking number you received from Schenker. The shipment number is always 10 digits and usually starts with 60.

When is a product back in stock?
Our online store is restocked every Wednesday. If the product you are looking for is still out of stock after the next Wednesday afternoon, please contact us by phone or through social media for more information.

Will I have to pay tax or customs on my order?
You do not have to pay customs duty when ordering to countries withing the EU. If you have ordered to a country outside the EU, your package may be subject to additional fees. This is determined by the customs regulations of the destination country. If you are unsure about what applies for your order, please contact your local customs office.

What is the difference between your binder mechanisms?
The standards for hole punching vary between different parts of the world. The “Trio” mechanism is the most common according to Swedish standards and is adapted for 4 holes with 21-70-21 mm between the hole centers. European standard is 2 or 4 rings with 80 mm distance. "80-80-80" is common in Germany and France and is adapted for four holes with a distance of 80-80-80 mm. This mechanism is particularly suitable for photo ring binders where the sheets become a bit heavy. In the rest of Europe, the "-80 -" mechanism, 2 rings at 80 mm intervals, is the most common.

I want to place a larger order on embossed products online. Do I have to enter the embossing specifications for each individual product?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to make embossing specifications for more than one product at a time using our online tool. If you want to order more than 5 products with embossing, we are happy to help you create your order. In this case, contact our B2B seller Julia at

Why can I not enter more of the same character in the online embossing tool?
Our embossers work with a limited number of available types of characters. In some cases, this may limit the ability to enter certain combinations of letters and numbers.

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