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Bohus Granite

Salt-splashed, round cliffs that reach out to the open sea. Grey rock that shifts in colour to brown as the waves soak them with salt water. Our seasonal colour Bohus granite is named after a mythical rock in the Swedish region of Bohuslän. Its shifting colour sections, from glimmering grey to mineral red, makes it unique.

The rock belongs on the west coast, where Bohuslän is situated. Inspiration is collected from the same place – from warm cliffs, the smell of seaweed and the rhythm of the waves. A peaceful environment whose harmony many also want to bring into their home.

Bohus granite is a sophisticated shade of brown-grey that balances out intense colours and complements neutrals. Its elegance brings out the beautiful texture and surface of the bookbinding cloth. In different lighting and when combined with other colours different expressions appear, which makes it very versatile. Bring out colder or warmer shades together with bright colours such as Rose red or Smoke blue.

We can now present an exclusive range of products in the colour Bohus granite, limited edition. 

5 questions about Bohus Granite

Ebba Kleberg von Sydow – journalist, creator, and part-owner of Bookbinders Design – is one of the brains behind this season’s colour.

Hello Ebba! Tell us a little bit about Bohus granite.

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE it! A grand, wonderful colour that fits perfectly into an elegant, stylish home as well as a warmer and more comfortable decor. Considering Bookbinders’ colourful palette, it also felt refreshing to choose a calm and natural colour.

What was the process of choosing colour like?

It’s an incredibly exciting process, in which we look at trends in interior design, lifestyle and fashion. We had an idea of working with an earthy brown-grey shade. A colour that’s classically elegant and brings out the beautiful surface of the exclusive bookbinding cloth. Our seasonal colours are guest appearances and limited edition – which gives us a fun opportunity to work with a shade that stands out from our other standard colours.

We chose a darker, deeper shade to get a sophisticated impression. But Bohus granite is a fascinating colour, because in its natural state it can have many different expressions. Bohus granite’s colour, that shifts from grey to red nuances, is completely unique. That quality is difficult to find in any other natural rock in the world. It’s also a rustic and practical rock that fits into various environments – in magnificent castles as well as simpler buildings.

What do you associate with the colour?

For me, since I grew up on the Swedish west coast, Bohus granite will always represent a feeling of warm cliffs, salty baths, and the smell of seaweed. It also reminds me of Carlsten stone fortress, located in Marstrand. It’s partly built from stone that’s carved in the area.

Which colours do you think match this season’s colour?

Combining it with Smoke blue works great, together with Rose red it’s an eye-catching combo – but it also works wonderfully with other grey and beige shades. Bohus granite complements most colours in our range, where each colour is chosen with a lot of care and consideration.

... And which embossing do you like the most on Bohus granite?

Difficult question, but gold is incredibly stylish!

5 year diary, Bohus Granite
170 x 200 mm

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