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Linden Flower

– a new seasonal colour from Bookbinders Design

The colour of spring reminds us of ridged tree trunks, buds breaking and of heart-shaped leaves that let the soft sunlight shine through. Linden Flower is a friendly, light green shade with a soft expression that adds a calmness to vibrant colours. At the same time, it feels fresh and invigorating no matter in which room it’s placed.

The small flowers of the linden tree have historically been considered to have healing properties. Tea made of the dried flowers has been consumed to calm down both nerves and coughs. Surrounding ourselves with green shades like Linden flower can also calm our senses and get us to relax. Green makes us think of nature and gives life to the interior.

Made in limited quantities, the range consists of a selection of our most classic products, covered in a smooth cloth with natural finish. Our seasonal colour is lovely together with other pastels such as Ivory and Dusty Pink but can also be combined with brighter colours such as Marigold if more contrast is wanted. White or silver embossing on Linden Flower is a very elegant combination.

Box, Linden Flower
Accordion Album, Linden Flower
150 x 187 mm, With 10 Off-white Pages
Letter Rack, Linden Flower
120 x 100 x 40 mm

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