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Bookbinders Editions are distinctive collector’s items in small editions produced in collaboration with celebrated artists. We invite them to consider the cloth covering our timeless, hand-made lifestyle products as a blank canvas on which to create freely.

Notebook Hardcover, 170 x 200 mm, Lady with brain hat
Lady with Brain Hat, Blank pages
Notebook Hardcover, 170 x 200 mm, Living room
Living room, Blank pages

Marie-Louise Ekman

Marie-Louise Ekman is a Swedish artist born in 1944. Ever since her debut in 1967 she has been a very well-known figure in Swedish cultural life. She has worked in a wide array of media, ranging from film and theatre to sculpture and children’s books, but most prolifically with painting in her own highly recognizable style.

The limited collection consists of two notebooks with her designs "Lady with Brain Hat" and "Living Room".

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