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Skåne Gold

Let us present the new seasonal colour Skåne Gold! A timeless colour where traditional linseed oil meets golden ockra, in a beautiful, durable and stylish fabric. Like everything from Bookbinders, the basic idea is that it should be made to last. To once and for all collect the little things, the keys in the hall, memories, photos, the children's diplomas, papers, stuff, passports, yes EVERYTHING that floats around at home - in a really good place. The seasonal colour is of course just a a guest, but the design is classic, so that the collection can easily work with other assortments…

The warm, light golden yellow colour is beautiful together with classic Sand Brown, Pebble Grey or Marigold. Skåne Gold is also incredibly beautiful together with Dusty Pink, we discovered when we photographed the collection.

Skåne Gold is incredibly elegant to emboss with gold (can easily be done in our online tool, where you can immediately see what it would look like with your name) as well as with white - or for a more distinct, graphic expression with black.

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