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Bookbinders Design’s first store opened in Stockholm 2002. Since then, the number of stores has increased and today you can find us in many parts of the world. We are a team with skills in for example design, service, logistics, and e-com, and our workplaces vary between warehouses, stores, and offices.

We all have different work tasks and live in different countries, but the thing we have in common is the love for our products and for the craftsmanship behind them. Find out more about our own personal favourite products and recommendations. What’s suitable for the person who just moved in, or wants to add more colour to their home?

VERONICA – Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm

What’s your role at Bookbinders Design?

I work as a department manager at NK, Stockholm.

Which is your favourite product at Bookbinders?

Our boxes in A4 and A5 High, you can never get enough of stylish storage – that’s a real lifehack! I also have our Notebook 170x200 that I’ve embossed and use as a diary, in which I write what I’m thankful for. It’s always beside my bed, stylish and important.

What’s your favourite colour from our colour palette?

I love Dusty Green! It works with almost anything and is nice to combine with a lot of other colours. Marigold is also a favourite; it can brighten up a shelf that feels a bit boring.

What would you recommend to the young person who just moved out?

Our lovely new lampshades! This time of year, you can never have too many lights and a lovely lamp will brighten up your day. And a 5-year diary in which this person can write down the small and big moments when starting this new chapter of life.

SUSANA – Oberdorfstrasse, Zürich

What’s your role at Bookbinders Design?
I have been managing the branch in Oberdorfstrasse in Zurich for over 20 years, and I do it with great pleasure.

What’s your favourite product at Bookbinders?
All of them, of course (and laughing)! After so many years at Bookbinders Design, I have many products in use at my home. Boxes and binders help us store the small and big things. I have used notebooks and folders to decorate my husband's work environment. And of course, we keep our family memories in many photo albums. The limpsewn photo album is probably my favourite product after all, because browsing through the album brings back many wonderful memories.

Which is your favourite colour from our colour palette?
My favourite is Sand Brown because it can be combined with many colours in our household. It is also visually exciting and sturdy.

If someone wants to get more organised and planned, what product would you recommend to that person?
That's not so easy to answer. We have a beautiful solution for virtually every need. From the calendar and the monthly planner to the 5-year planner when it comes to time planning. From folders, paper trays and folders for keeping documents in order, to the boxes when it comes to storing things in a more structured way. Personally, the boxes are a great help to me every day and they bring beautiful colours into our home. 

PER – Karlavägen, Stockholm

What’s your role at Bookbinders Design?
I work as an e-commerce manager.

Which product at Bookbinders is your favourite?
Collector Box A4 High. I store my tools for fly tying in it. In the top compartments I keep tools and thread rolls, and in the bottom ones I keep dubbing, feathers, and hooks. On longer fishing trips (if there’s room) I’ll bring the whole box. Nothing beats when the fish takes the bait with a fly you’ve made the night before, inspired by some insect you’ve seen during the day.

What’s your favourite colour from our colour palette?
It varies but right now I am very fond of Dusty Green. I think our colours look best in combinations of three, so: Dusty Green, Powder Pink, and Sand Brown.

Which product do you recommend for a creative person?
A bigger notebook, A4 or 210x240. I would recommend not being so specific when you use it. Write in it, take notes, draw whatever comes to mind. Open the book at a random page and use the first empty page you find! You don’t have to be meticulous when it comes to the order, turn the book around and start from behind. After a while you’ll have a very interesting, inspiring and a little bit insane book that you’ve formed an attachment to.

EBBA – Stockholm

What’s your role at Bookbinders Design?
Firstly, I must say that I love Bookbinders! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe that I’m not only a very pleased, faithful customer, but nowadays I’m also a proud part-owner and active board member. I contribute with thoughts and ideas for product development, the brand, creative expression, and colours. I also work with campaigns and styling photoshoots.

Your favourite Bookbinders product?
It’s like asking me to choose one of our three kids, I just can’t! It also varies, but ok, I always get back to the box in A5. Our handmade boxes are a fantastic, unique combination of functionality and beautiful interior details. I also love our to-do lists; I use them every day…

Choosing between our colours, which one is your favourite?
It’s always a tough race between Clover Green and Marigold. I love the strong, bright colours that’s at the core of Bookbinders. A beautiful box on the shelf, the desk or anywhere in the home can do so much for the room! And it is also useful. As an example, in our home we keep all cords, chargers, and adapters in an A4 High Box in Smoke Blue. It’s nice to keep tidy with such a lovely box.

If someone would like to add more colour to their home, which product do you recommend?
Two boxes, one A4 box and one A5 box, in different colours. Choose the colours you love! Our Dusty Green is an elegant shade, sophisticated and harmonic, but it still adds so much style and colour to the room.

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