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They are simple, timelessly elegant and carefully handcrafted - the boxes by Bookbinders Design. In ten different formats, fourteen colors and with flexible dividers, they are made to give your favorite pieces or indispensable gadgets a beautiful and long-lasting home.

There are no limits to the possible uses of our boxes: They are decorative collectors of keys, coins and daily small items in the entrance hall; practical sorters of pens and clips on the desk; clearly arranged keepers of sewing things; noble guardians of jewelry and watches, long-lasting guardians of the favorite mementos or even representative conveyors of presentations.

Wherever our boxes are used: They keep things tidy and are pleasing to the eye. With a very personal embossing they become the perfect gift.


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A selection of products

Box, Dusty Green
Box Divider, Dusty Green
For Box A4, in Cardboard
Box, Dusty Pink
Box Divider, Dusty Pink
For Box A5, in Cardboard
Box, Sand Brown
Jewel Box, Pebble Grey
200 x 200 x 120 mm

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